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Pick Me Up Design Festival 2016

Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival features top emerging illustrators and designers as well as more established names in graphic arts. This year Pick Me Up is part of UTOPIA 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility, and focuses on the themes of community within the graphic arts.”

Selected works by up and coming illustrators and graphic artists featured including typography, 3D installations and animations.

Corin Kennington’s bold typographic prints emerged from combining traditional elements of sign-painting with modern methods of graphic design.

Jack Sachs
Jack Sachs is a London illustrator who had sustained an injury to his drawing hand. He learnt how to use 3D animation software to make images, combined with motion graphics. His practice has led to him showing an interest into the exploration of how the body works.

My favourite selected work were these self-playing instruments which produced unique unusual sounds. Crafted by Set Designers Isabel + Helen:

Isabel + Helen
Isabel + Helen: Self-automated instruments. “These charming characters inspired by the mobiles of Alexander Calder come to life and dance to the beat of their own drum”.

Julian Glander
Julian Glander: Amorphous blobs

Pick Me Up process
These selected works also accompanied objects and sketches, showing their process and thinking.

This graphic style closely matches my own, I really like the personality of the characters here.

My college friend said she likes this t-shirt, but wouldn’t wear it because there’s a graphic of a shit on it, which ruined it for her, apparently.
Alan Kitching
Alan Kitching: A Life in Letterpress
An exhibition of Alan Kitching at the forefront of typographical design, his life and work spans six decades. This showcase included his bold elegant typeface.
Alan Kitching wine packaging
The practical application of Alan Kitching’s typography on wine packaging.
Nice typography.
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