How to make a WordPress Website

I made this website and blog using a self-hosted WordPress site on I had been wanting to learn how to make WordPress websites for some time as a lot of professional websites are built using the WordPress platform and it has a lot of options for flexibility with responsive layout customisation. It also saves money to learn how to code websites yourself; instead of buying a fancy template with limited drag-drop functions. Potentially with coding, any free template could be changed to look however you want it to be.

This then took me on a long winding journey, as the deeper I got into the bones of web design the more tools I learned to use. For example, I learned how to manipulate CSS and PHP coding using a code program called Dreamweaver, create SQL databases to store my site, build a site on a local host server and upload my files using an FTP program.
I spent about 3 weeks really looking into coding and searching for the most useful tutorials and resources. For those starting out and wanting to make websites using WordPress, these links are what I found helpful:

1. How to set up WordPress on your localhost (WAMP)

2. Connect Dreamweaver to WordPress on your localhost testing server

3. Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 1) – Understanding style.css, header.php, footer.php

4. Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 2) Editing style.css, header.php, and footer.php

5. Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 3) – Child Themes

6. Migrate WordPress like a Pro

7. Use Google Fonts on Website – WordPress

8. WordPress Hide Page Title

Work in progress: coding my website using web developer tools, CSS and PHP.


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