Be Free Campaign


Be Free Campaign are an innovative mental health charity aimed at giving people the tools to take care
of their mental health.

Apex Leadership Courses Web Development project

from shantanu:

“Absolutely love the new website and it feels so much like us! I love the homepage and animations! They make all the difference! The Knowledge hub pages are so cool! I literally have nothing else to add to them – they are perfect! The award pages are absolutely amazing!!! You’ve managed to fit it in with exactly what we wanted.

Thank you so so much for putting so much time, effort and heart into this!
 ” – Shantanu Kundu, Founder & CEO of Be Free Campaign

The Need

They need a new prettier, modern, trendy, engaging, fun website design aligned with their refreshed brand guidelines.

Target Demographics

Main target audience: young people 11-25
Other demographics:
Inclusive to all: teachers, parents, children, communities, grandad wanting to learn more about mental health, or a business wanting their team to be better equipped
Mental health practitioners
Donators, funders


Apex Leadershiip Figma and Web Styles

Client Requirements

They are open to ideas on the organisation, structure and format of the website, perhaps include a section for awards, press articles

Templates needs to be easy and straightforward for any user with access to edit and update

They want to increase their awareness and site traffic to more young people

Implement a Knowledge hub where young people 

The Problem

The current site layout is cluttered and made and was made before they had solid brand guidelines.
Their blog is hidden within their infographics section, and would ideally be separated.
Out of date info in several places e.g. a video section with mental health tips during the 2020 lockdown and old media interviews.
Site was not as user friendly or accessible or professional as it could be, different images styles on different pages and confusing to navigate.
Not optimised for SEO or mobile-friendly.
There is a lot of different activities, formats and resources that seem overwhelming and need simplifying so users can quickly find the information they are interested in.
There are little to no interactive elements to guide or excite the user.
A little plain and boring for it’s target audience.

The Website

Addressing the client requirements, I implemented the following solutions:

A new ‘where to get help’ page where young people can find external resources from other organisations in an emergency or non-emergency

A new press page with recent and historic news and videos

Optimised mobile version

Custom Features

Custom animations

Coded in a tabbed pricing box feature using JavaScript, revealing prices depending on which course option is selected from a dropdown.

Knowledge hub

Added conditional logic functions to the course registration form. The user selects their desired course to study on the dropdown and next selects a Study Route. When all required form fields have been completed and the submit button clicked, the form is submitted to the administrator email and subsequently; the page automatically directs the user to the specific course payment page they selected, which is also further filtered by the Study Route selection to determine the specific course payment page that displays. 

Apex Leadership Institute London Homepage
Strategic Management and Leadership Course Information
Strategic Management and Leadership OTHM Level 7

The Result

The site was launched early May 2024. With the combined efforts of several content contributors, a brand designer, CEO, Be Free Campaign have a site that:

Looks professional aligned with their new brand guidelines and bespoke illustrations

Conveys modern maximal branding style and highly legible typography aimed towards young people 

Loads fast with simple navigation, enabling young people to access the information they need. 

Sections include a knowledge hub, workshops and courses, mental health resources, volunteer and donate page.  

With the site just launched at the time of writing; as a result of the team’s efforts we hope to see engagement increase quickly as site awareness grows


CEO: Shantanu Kundu
Brand Designer: Alina Popa
Web Designer: Sam Ma


CMS: Wix Classic
Software: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, VS Code