Tech4All is a London-based charity founded in 1996 with the aim of alleviating global poverty through the use of technology.
They partner with a number of other organisations to deliver projects. Their contribution to projects ranges from financial particpation through grants or loans, to providing expertise and experience.

Tech4All - Alleviate Poverty through Technology Laptop Homepage

from Tech4all:

Sam’s new website for Tech4All looks fabulous, with a design that is clean and modern, yet inviting, and really good navigation that leads people quickly to all the key areas.

She was great on the technical side, and highly responsive during the project.

The other Trustees gave very strong positive feedback, one even said it scales well on mobile and is way better than his own company’s one, that had been built by a team costing six figures, Great job!” – Giles Keating, Chair of Tech4All

The Need

The old site lacked a navigation menu, mobile-friendliness and use of modern web techniques. Tech4All required a more attractive and interactive site to share with their primary target audiences – innovators, engineers and company employees engaged in corporate social responsibility activities. They needed a more logical navigation and sitemap.

They operate projects both within the UK and developing countries, so it was a requirement of theirs to include visuals depicting both.

Their brand mood included a formal tone of voice, shades of blue, black and white. They wanted it to remain with a corporate, business feel, yet inviting.


The main objectives of their website is to:

Draw attention to their latest engineering competition and to encourage more applicants

Act as a central hub of information to direct their referrals to

Provide more detail on their projects


Tech4All Old homepage screenshots
Tech4All laptop phone dark
Tech4All Mobile Screens

The Website

The chosen website direction was inspired by technology websites: dark backgrounds, futuristic, digital and sci-fi.

It was also key to retain a sense of charity, with images of those they serve facing poverty.

In terms of wider-appeal and accessibility, it was decided to make the main banner black resonating with the previous site and display the main content with lighter backgrounds. Custom image frames were created reflect the essence of the logo, and a subtle ambiguous wave pattern integrated as a re-useable, attractive background element, without detracting from the main information. Large branded headlines separate the content into distinct sections, which helps guide users in a logical hierarchical order when browsing and scanning. Video content was also included for additional interactivity. Mobile and tablet layouts were introduced and optimised.

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