Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, focuses on creating moments for movement(1)

Desk workers, this is your reminder to take a movement break.

There seems to be quite a few adverse health risks with working at a desk and undertaking sedentary tasks in general. Desk workers are often encouraged to look away periodically from their computer screens to maintain their eye health and avoid repetitive movements to prevent RSI; both of which aids in protecting our physiological functions, but aside from that your mental functions are also important to consider too.

Part of improving our wellbeing involves being aware of WHY we are making a particular change. This article shares a few of many mental benefits of movement, with an encouragement towards sharing and discussing them, as part of the mainstream workplace lexicon.

 Mental health benefits of movement:

• Reduce and/or alleviate anxiety and depressive symptoms
• Mood elevation and lower stress (may boost mood by increasing neurotransmitters serotonin endorphins and a brain protein called BDNF to aid cognitive function) (2)
• Enhanced ability for tasks requiring focused thought, learning and recall
• Increased energy
• Creativity
• Mental clarity (3)
• Connection with nature
• Improved emotional resilience (3)
• Building self esteem

You mind and body are connected, the way move can affect your thinking and feeling and vice versa. (5) I encourage all those who are putting off exercise, in a sedentary routine or doing something they ‘should’ be doing for their wellbeing to mentally reframe exercise as Movement: Little is good, more is better. 


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