website design

Skaped is an East London artivist charity running creative activities and workshops for young people, to equip them with skills to create social change, build communities and embrace the importance of self-care through art education.

The Need

The old site was looking subdued and plain. Skaped required a site more visually appealing to their main target audiences – young people and school children aged 11-25, that is easy to navigate and shift their programme emphasis from human rights to self-care.

The Website

The website needed aligning with the visual style of their social media content. Graphic elements and monotone images provided by Skaped combined with my custom collage, ripped paper and paint stroke assets inspired the amazing outcome. Alongside custom CSS, I optimised mobile and tablet layouts and implemented basic on-page SEO best-practices.

Skaped New Website Homepage

Custom Features Included:

Unique collage headers and coloured text highlights to add emphasis to paragraphs.

Ripped paper edges and paint stroke subheadings that reflect the combination of creative and social justice activities of the charity

Simplified programme and workshop pages, adding more colour and fewer click-throughs to get to the key information

Redesigned forms with bold, organic paint brush detailing, adding a unique touch of fun and creative expression

Fixed mobile cut off text and optimised tap targets for SEO